Multi-Factor Authentication

Everyone Needs It

We would have a hard time wording why you need MFA/2FA any better than the security professionals at The National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) do HERE:


"MFA helps protect you by adding an additional layer of security, making it harder for bad guys to log in as if they were you. Your information is safer because thieves would need to steal both your password and your phone. You would definitely notice if your phone went missing, so you’d report it before a thief could use it to log in. Plus, your phone should be locked, requiring a PIN or fingerprint to unlock, rendering it even less useful if someone wants to use your MFA credentials.

Using 2FA is one of the top three things that security experts do to protect their security online, according to recent Google survey. And consumers feel the same way: almost 9 in 10 (86%) say that using 2FA makes them feel like their online information is more secure, according to TeleSign."

This is straight from the mouths of the folks that brought you some of the most prominent government cyber security standards in our time. NIST works hard to ensure the standards we have at our disposal are up to par with our ever changing world.

Creekside's Cyber Security team has made the choice to partner with DUO Security to provide this solution to our partners. We use this tool internally and it has given us a huge peace of mind that not only our data is security, but also all of our partners data.

Prices for this valuable service start at $3 a month and go up to $9 a month per user.


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