Cloud and Hosted Solutions

On-Premise, Cloud, Hybrid, Colocation

The days are upon us where buzzwords such as "cloud", "colocation", and "hybrid" are thrown around to business leaders in regards to their IT infrastructure. Most environments are not suited for a full cloud deployment but all can benefit from at least some "cloud" services. Microsoft Office 365 is an example of a "Software-as-a-Service" (SaaS) cloud product.

Pretty much all that cloud means is that you are using someone else's hardware to host your programs and services. For small businesses these assets can help them get capabilities that are normally reserved for larger organizations and in some cased save money.

We here at Creekside Cyber Systems work hard to ensure that your needs are met. We won't try to sell you on something that isn't going to be ideal for you and your business. We are huge fans of both on-premise systems and cloud based systems so if it won't be better, then we don't recommend it.


Let us take a look at your infrastructure and help you improve your environment's capabilities and it's stability.

We provide Hosted Solutions that include:

  • Colocation

  • Hosted Servers

  • Data Storage

  • Over 40 vendors to get you the best value for your money

  • Disaster recovery and business continutity

  • Easy scaling

  • Ties closely with our Unified Communications

  • Fully Adaptable to your Needs


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