Keep Critical Services Alive

Network outages are a painful setback, and they cost money for small businesses. Few people have time for anything to go offline, especially the heart of the networks. We understand that keeping these systems alive and performing at peak efficiency, literally means money in the bank for everyone. As a client of Creekside, with our serve and network services, we will ensure that outages stay minimized and risks to partner organizations are decreased.

No two networks are the same - so don't rely on a company that treats you the same!

Don't waste time and money with systems that run the risk of breaking or prove themselves to be unreliable. Take a load off your mind knowing that your systems are in professional, caring hands and that you can get back to what you do best without worry.


When every second matters, count on Creekside to keep your core systems online and available!

We provide server and network services such as:

  • Remote Performance Monitoring

  • Patch Management

  • Server Backups

  • Data Recovery

  • Remote Assistance

  • O365 Management

  • Active Directory Management

  • Network Setup

  • Wireless Management

  • Extremely Flexible Contracts


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