Why should you choose to partner with us?


1. The simple label of partner says a lot about how we value our clientele. You aren't a customer, you are a partner. By definition this means that we view you as an integral part of our day to day lives and your success is our top priority. We work with you to find the right solution, not just the quick or cheap solution.

3. Multi-vendor support and a single point of contact. What we mean by this is that we have access to hundreds of vendors, even outside of our direct partners, that can provide you with possible solutions for your technological needs. There is very little that we cannot produce a solution for and evaluate with you. From monthly internet to cloud services to installing physical equipment in your office, Creekside can work with you to get you the solution you need.

5. We are always proactive in our response. We monitor and alert you if we see issues with your systems before they become an issue. This type of alerting moves away from the old "break/fix" mentality of managing IT and will save money and time in the long run. When you have someone telling you of issues before they affect you it makes it much easier to budget and plan for the future effectively.

2. Money, money, money. That is what drives success in business. As a small business, we understand that internal IT costs are seen as more of an overhead cost and not a direct contribution to profit flow. Creekside is committed to ensuring that you get what you need and that we keep your costs low without sacrificing service or performance. Control your spending and make it predictable to run your IT systems.

4. No one likes the risk that comes along with running a small business. Cyber threats, government regulations (HIPAA, PCI, NIST, etc), and technology changes can all have an impact on your business. Bringing us on as your IT partner will help mitigate that. Whether you just need someone on call, just in case your home office computer goes down, or if you need full service support for a enterprise-level network, we have you covered.

6. From HIPAA to NIST to GDPR, government regulations are confusing. Did you know that if you take payment cards in any form you have to be PCI compliant? We can help you with this as part of our large security offerings. Avoid the bad reputation and costs that come from not being compliant with assistance from our professional security team.


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